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About Overcee

Support Levels

We offer a range of product support packages so that you can find one that fits your organisation's needs.

  Support Tier Guaranteed Ticket Acknowledgement Guaranteed Ticket Assignment
Gold Level Support 3 Hours 24 Hours
Silver Level Support 24 Hours 3 Days
Bronze Level Support 2 Days 5 Days
  Basic Level Support 5 Days 14 Days

What's the difference between "Acknowledgement" and "Assignment"?

When a ticket in the pool is read by one of our team it get "Acknowledged", meaning that it is marked as read and entered into a queue for processing. At the same time you will receive an email to notify you that this has progressed.

Once in the queue (which is arranged based on your licence's support level), your call will be picked up by a technician for analysis and resolution. Once it is picked up it is "Assigned" to that technician.