Device Management

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About Overcee

A Reliable Service

Overcee is designed around reliability, but for larger companies where demand may be higher and downtimes cost more time and money we've gone out of our way to make things even more robust.

Service Manager

At its heart sits the Overcee master service manager, which is responsible for maintaining the database, collating, summarising and removing legacy data, monitoring for potential problems, and many more things. This is the very backbone of Overcee, and its failure, or the failure of the server on which it resides could cause all manner of problems.

This is why larger organisations have the option of deploying an additional Backup Service Manager. This service sits idle most of the time, taking few resources, but ready to jump into action at a moment's notice if it finds that the main service manager is no longer performing its duties. If the primary manager comes back to life (such as if the server was just restarting), then the backup manager with quietly go back to sleep, waiting for when it is needed again.

Web UI

If you have a lot of Overcee users, you may find yourself needing to load balance the web interface across multiple servers. Alternatively, maybe you just want one or two additional web servers in case the primary one needs to be taken offline.

The good news is that, if your licence permits it, you can load balance additional web servers using a third party tool such as Microsoft's Network Load Balancing or HAProxy.

Worker Servers

Similar to the web service, if you have a lot of devices to manage, you may find your Worker server(s) struggling to keep up with the load. If this occurs, and your licence permits it, you can add additional workers to your site quickly and easily.

Overcee distributes workloads through an efficient managed queueing system, meaning that provisioning or removing services when needed is completely hassle-free.