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About Overcee

Shift Left

As the I.T. demands of companies grow, it becomes increasingly important for their Service Desks to work smarter. A common framework for achieving this is Shift Left, which aims to increase the focus on delegation, and reduce escalation, so that more work can be done at the front line, freeing up other service desk teams. At its heart Overcee is a system to help achieve exactly this.

By allowing your 3rd line teams to setup systems within Overcee which allow 2nd or 1st line teams to perform the same fixes that only they were previously capable of (either due to training or required privileges), Overcee helps in spreading the load, and Shifting Left as much as possible.

Least Privilege

In our 10+ years of Service Desk experience, we've seen far too many occasions where the following serious security concerns occur:

How many of these sound familiar? Overcee aims to tackle these clear breaches of good security policy by providing a secure gateway through which Service Desk teams can be granted the ability to carry out administrative tasks, without having excessive rights to the devices themselves.

Too many support tickets getting escalated to your 2nd or 3rd line teams?

We have personal experience of busy service desks, and we know how difficult it can be to empower the first line so they can resolve calls in the first instance without escalation, while still maintaining a Least Privilege working practice.

By encapsulating processes into Overcee Tools and Tool Sequences, you can hand your first line all of the power they need, while maintaining control over where and when they can use them, and, most importantly, not handing out dangerous administrative rights or credentials.

Manage your Environment

Overceeā€™s primary goal is to solve the problem of how to enforce Least Privilege while still allowing people to carry out their job, and we think it does this perfectly.