Device Management

Device Management

Manage an entire fleet of Active Directory connected computers through a single, easy-to-use interface.

Run the same action on 1 or 10,000 devices, Overcee is just as capable at targetted actions as it is batch jobs. Configure its work load according to your server's performance, or add in additional load balanced workers to really optimise your workflow.

Delegate Responsibility

Overcee is not designed as a replacement to Group Policy, or System Center, but as a means of delegating functionality and responsibility out of your second and third line Service Desk teams.

Instead of repeating the same process of diagnosis, escalation, fix; enable your front line to do diagnosis and fix in one quick step.

Delegate Responsibility

Improve First Line Fix Rates

Improve First Line Fix Rates

Give more power to your first line Service Desk team, thereby reducing ticket escalation and improving first line fix rates. Ultimately saving you money.

Make use of Overcee's powerful granular permission controls to distribute access to its features without compromising your site security, and while still adhering to Least Privelege best practices.

Expand and Adapt

Overcee is designed to be modular, incredibly configurable and customisable to make it easier for you to make more functionality available to your users.

Want more? Make use of Overcee's simple .NET API to develop your own plugins, making the possibilities truly infinite.

Expand and Adapt

Managing Your Device Management

Give system administration capabilities to your first line while maintaining control and security.


Integrates with Active Directory for authenticating users and checking group memberships.

Plugin Support

Build your own .NET plugins for Overcee to expand its possibilities.

Apply Settings

Change settings, install patches or software, modify registry settings, and more.

Monitor Status

Overcee is a great way to get immediate status information on your computer fleet.


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